It is perfectly natural that you may have some questions to ask, and Mr Mehta believes in empowering his patients with the knowledge to enable them to make the right decisions at each stage of their journey.

Here is a list of questions that are asked on a regular basis. However, if you have a question of your own, you can contact him anytime at:

Mr Mehta accepts referrals for NHS patients, privately insured patients and self-funded patients. If you would like to see Mr Mehta as a self-funding patient please get in touch through the following E-mail address: Or alternatively contact his secretary on 0113 2067606 (Clare Baines) You can also contact the Spire Hospital in Roundhay, Leeds direct on 0113 2693939 and arrange an appointment through the hospital
You will be seen by Mr Mehta. Mr Mehta runs clinics on a Thursday morning (10am to 1pm) and also Saturday morning (10 am to midday)
You will as a self-funding patient or a privately insured patient receive a 30 minute appointment which may include a clinical examination. Mr Mehta will then discuss with you if any further tests are necessary before discussing any potential surgery
Your surgery will take place at the Spire Leeds Hospital at Roundhay
Mr Mehta will be performing your surgery
For a full up to date quote please contact the Spire Leeds Hospital on 0113 2693939. They will be able to discuss this over the telephone. Alternatively when you attend for a consultation we can arrange a member of staff to discuss this with you face to face
Yes – please enquire with your health insurer, but please also contact us if you require any further details (e.g.Treatment codes)
This will of course depend on the nature of the procedure but in most cases surgery can be performed as a day case
This will also depend on the nature of the procedure, but after a day case procedure in most cases individuals can return to work 2 weeks after surgery
You can contact Mr Mehta by emailing him at:

Contact Mr Mehta to arrange a consultation

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