Gastric Bypass

Gastric BypassA Gastric Bypass is another common form of weight loss surgery that Mr Mehta provides.  It’s sometimes called a Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass and it works by surgically making your stomach smaller, and bypassing part of your intestines so that you absorb fewer calories.

Unlike the Gastric Band, this is a more invasive and permanent procedure and is usually considered by those who are found to be morbidly obese.

The Gastric Bypass is usually performed using keyhole surgery, and using surgical staples, Mr Mehta will make a small pouch from the top of your stomach and will separate it from the lower part of the stomach.

He will then form an opening at the bottom of the pouch and connect it to a part of the small intestine, so any food that you eat will pass through the newly formed stomach, and will bypass the larger stomach and the first part of your small intestines.

The length of the intestines bypassed is set so that when you reach your ideal weight, you will be able to absorb the right amount of nutrients to maintain your weight.

To prepare for your surgery, if you are a smoker, you will be asked to stop smoking due to the increased risk of developing an infection post surgery which can slow down your recovery and consequently may lead to complications. Furthermore, you may also be asked to switch to a low-fat and low-carb diet a couple of weeks prior to your operation as this will help to reduce the size of your liver, making it easier and safer to perform the Gastric Bypass.

The surgery will be performed at the Spire Hospital by Mr Mehta under a general anaesthetic, which means you will be fast asleep when you are having the procedure and you won’t be able to feel anything.

The procedure normally takes 2-3 hours and most patients are able to go home a few days later, with recovery taking between 6-8 weeks.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask Mr Mehta regarding a Gastric Bypass, or you would like a quote, please contact him here

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